Do I Have to Submit an Experience Outline?
Today, I received an email from a person seeking an answer to this question. If I have been in the same class for 5 years, do I have to provide a brief summary of my experiences with my application? It was stated that: Dear Mr. Cocciante: Your blog is an incredible source. I'm happy to have found it. I have a question I would like to know the help me with. Let's suppose that the contractor does not renew his license. The license is due to expire and it's valid for 5 years. The contractor is now required to apply for an additional license. Original License. Do contractors need to complete the Certification of Experience form? According to Bus. Per Bus. Contractor is able to utilize the same experience utilized to get his initial license. With the Contractor's license and the fact that he has a valid license, it's clear that he has met the minimum requirement of four years. This is why I inquire What is the requirement for Contractor require an Certification of Work Experience form? On another blog, I've come across different responses. They claimed that the form was not required in any way, however they later claimed they were. A technician at the CSLB said that all contractors needed to do is fill in "See License No. I put "See License No."XXXXXXX" on my Experience form. Another tech provided me with an alternative solution. For more detail please visit>>> modular timber homes regały magazynowe Cloud Private I would appreciate some insights. Thank you for your time. This could be interesting to write about on the blog. It is a subject I'm sure I'm not the only person trying. Many men are back in construction after having let their permits expire because of the Northern California fires. All the best to you. Jessica T. My answer: Hello Jessica, We appreciate your nice words. As a former CSLB technician, and as an service provider that works with the current technicians of applications I can tell that he won't have to share his experience with an app that is new. The application will prompt applicants to fill in the first part of the application. The app tech will confirm the validity of the license, and submit the application to the examinations. They may require verification documents or an outline of experience based on the kind of application. ~End Jessica Thank you so much for your kind email. I'm happy to share it with you here. All questions from readers are welcomed. Phil Cocciante is the former California Contractors State License Board applicant technician. He is employed in the licensing sector in California. Prior to joining the CSLB the board, he was employed for 6 years in the construction industry. Contractors License Service is his business. It provides current exam materials online, practice exams for students documents, documentation preparation and review consultation as well as renewal and application assistance.

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