Critical Thinking: Is The Mainstream Media The Real Virus?
If someone has paid an excessive amount of attention to the mainstream media in the past two years, there is a possibility that they have a particular view of the Coronavirus and variants that will likely appear in the future. Insofar as they are concerned, the Coronavirus and its variants could be considered to be extremely dangerous. Because of this, it is vital for them to get each booster and vaccine available and to adhere to all the regulations, no matter the age of their children. It is likely that they be around individuals in their lives who behave the same manner. Retracting If they took a step back even for some time and think about what they think about the virus in this manner What might come to mind is what they've read in news outlets. The newsreaders' comments together with government officials and experts could have had an enormous influence on their perception. In addition, they might know at the very least one person who has passed away or is believed to have passed away from it. However the information they've received from the people above could be the reason the primary reason behind their perception of reality. The Truth If they don't take part in this process and investigate the reasons for seeing the virus in the way they do, the way they perceive the virus will be viewed as an expression of what it is like. That is, their perception of the virus won't be influenced by the information they've been taught and will be an indication of how risky it really is. Therefore, if they meet people who don't pay attention to mainstream media, it's unlikely to be an issue if there's conflict. One person will have one perspective, while the other will likely have a completely different perspective. Two Experiments The latter can spend the majority of their time nervous and scared and may never leave their house. They may think that the other is unaware of how harmful the disease is. They need to wake up and can be described as an conspiracy theorist. For more detail please visit:- On the contrary, one may find that generally, their internal state isn't drastically different and they are content to go their life as normal and as regular as is possible , and is doing all they can to increase their immunity. In their minds, they may think that the other is conditioned to be apprehensive about the virus due to the information they've been fed by the media , and is 'waking up'. Power of Fear: The Power of Fear If someone else was living a different life and was connected to this information source There is a chance that they'd be a different person. However, if someone were receiving fearful messages day after day and month after month, year after year, what other would they feel? It is said that perception is the only way to know reality, therefore if someone is repeatedly told the dangers of a virus and how dangerous it is, that information will begin determine how they view the world. It doesn't matter if there any evidence contrary to what they are told or if it's possible to increase their immunity, because they have been taught to view reality through a particular lens. The Big Illusion But, this source gives the impression that they're simply covering what's happening and nothing more, or less, and they are simply an observer of the world but they are unable to discern the way in which what they're told is absorbed into their own creative mind and ultimately defines the things they do and don't feel. In the end, the media is not just educating them but is influencing them to view reality in a certain manner because it's impossible to observe reality. This sheds the light on how powerful they, as well as their fellow human beings, are. Because of the power humans and other humans have to construct their own reality, it implies that every human being is also able to create a completely different world. A An Analogy In addition, considering the role of the media are taking part in the events happening, if the virus were an organization which wanted to keep the entire population in fear and to manage them the media would serve as the mouthpiece for it. The organization would be a danger without a doubt however, without this part of its operation, it would not have the same degree of control. However, it isn't appropriate to claim that the situation is new since the source of this information has been circulating propaganda for a long time, and with a lot of people afraid of a myriad of other things because of the information this source has given people to be afraid of. This is an issue of normal business. Final Thoughts However, as simple to view that this person as the culprit and a significant portion of humanity as victims, a view which is not likely to bring about changes, it can be only true on one level. Also to be investigated is the reason this source can influence a person's life; what is in the person that allows them to be susceptible to this kind of propaganda? Does this source tap into the repressed fears of a person or unresolved grief? A person in this situation is now in a vulnerable situation, and with the appropriate words, images or sounds, together with the government, can gradually draw the person in, promising to safeguard them, and then guide them to wherever they want. Author, transformative writer, educator and consultant Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful analysis and commentary explores the entire spectrum of human transformation such as love, partnership and self-love. He also discusses self-worth, self-worth, the inner child and awareness. With more than two thousand, eight hundred articles that provide in-depth analysis of the human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with sound guidance.

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