Breaking News Alert – That’s So 30-Minutes Ago!
Okay, so we all have our own pet peeves. And my pet peeve is receiving an alert from a news source, which is that is labelled "Breaking News" and for 2 hours,, I receive the same news alert from a variety of news sources. I'm afraid that the situation is getting out of hand and this could be one of the issues of using news media apps on personal gadgets or subscribing to email news lists from various media sources. It is time to address this issue because it's becoming absurd, it's totally excessive and an unnecessary waste of time as consumers the task of deleting every single thing. Let's get this out of the way. Someone has to create an app that scans the text of the media news alerts you receive and doesn't send multiple "breaking breaking news reports" from multiple media outlets. For instance, suppose you receive for instance the New York Times, your local newspaper and the USA Today, and a few TV news channels with e-mail notification, or sign up to their apps. If, for instance, someone famous died, for example the app will scan every single piece of information it contains and, if there was no any new information from the previous breaking news alerts from a different source it would send the message to the deleted box. Visit:- trụ trồng rau thủy canh Let me provide you with an example of the reason I decided to write this piece. One day, I experienced an earthquake. it was only about forty miles from me. Within three minutes, I received a news alert stating that there was an 5.5 earthquake in the area. I received this alert before I had the enough time to get to the computer to look up the Cal Tech earthquake report online which is something people in California are known to do quite often. After what could be about an hour and a half I was constantly receiving breaking news alerts from all kinds of news agencies, such as those from the New York Times, Washington Post, as well as the Miami Herald. Yes, I know that these papers are distant, and it may not be a major problem for them, but it certainly seemed like an awful lot of crap to me. After all, when I experienced the sensation about one hour ago. I don't need anyone to inform me that there was an earthquake. It also appeared like they were duplicates, like they were duplicates of the Associated Press had typed it up and then mailed it to every newspaper and then they simply replayed the message to all their subscribers to their e-mail accounts. It's enough. Consider all this and reflect on it.

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